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Local alpha and IPU overlay

Discussion created by Christophe Cholet on Jun 21, 2012
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On the current IPU video stream, I wish to overlay a picture by using local alpha blending technique.

I obtain 3 results:

(local_alpha is enabled)

1- Picture format = BGR24 bits + 8 bits separate alpha ==> Correct blending of the picture.

2- Picture format = BGRA32 bits ==> The picture doesn't appear.

3- Picture format = BGR 32 bits + 8 bits separate alpha ==> The picture is blended but colors are corrupted (i've tried severals BGR or RGB possibilities).


For the cases 2 and 3, if i switch local alpha to 0 and global alpha to 1, then i see the picture (but no more the video stream).


So, i think there's an IPU issue when 32 bits overlay signal and local alpha are used.

Someone can confirm or not ?