Michael Burkey

Uprgrading i.MX35 to Kernels Beyond 2.6.31 (i.e. 2.6.39, etc)

Discussion created by Michael Burkey on Jun 21, 2012



I am working on some code for a PCM043-like platform based around the i.MX35 SOM. The kernel that comes with the BSP is 2.6.31. Unfortunately, some of the drivers I need to use for other hardware I am attaching makes use of features that don't show up until kernel 2.6.32 and later.


Has anyone out there had experience with updating the kernel to 2.6.32-2.6.39 on an i.MX35/PCM043 platform?

Specifically, do the patch files work with the newer kernel revisions and/or do patch files than those provided with the BSP exist for the newer kernel revisions?


Is anyone out there using kernels newer than 2.6.31 on this platform that can give me an idea of what kind of luck you have had?


Thanks in advance!