Ahmed Shameem M.H

20bit YCbCr interface to i.MX53 processor

Discussion created by Ahmed Shameem M.H on Jun 19, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 20, 2012 by Mark Middleton

Dear Sir,

We want to interface 20bit YCbCr camera to i.MX53 Processor; also our YCbCr input doesn’t support SAV (start of active video) and EAV (end of active video).

Can we directly connect the camera output to the processor?
Will the i.MX53 supports for 20bit YCbCr interface?
The information given in the datasheet is bit confusing. Hardware side 20bit port is provided but IPU-CSI register supports only 16bit data for CSI interface.


Note:An image is attached for your reference.


Waiting for your valuable feedback.


Thanks in advance.