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Determination of the ENOB in 56F8367

Question asked by Charles Barnes on Jun 4, 2007
Latest reply on Nov 26, 2007 by xiangjun.rong
The effective number of bits (ENOB) in the 56F8367 chip is listed at 9.6 bits.

Now, I know that this number is determined by testing and the frequency of the input signal (and sampling rate) both have an affect on the ENOB calculation.

I am working on a fundamental frequency of only 60Hz. I am relatively new to DPS but I know that this frequency is very low. So I was wondering how much, if at all, I can consider my frequency "DC" for this chip or how much such a low frequency will have an effect on the ENOB.

If the test was performed on frequency in the kHz range, I can't imagine that I would be getting a higher ENOB than 9.6.

So does anyone know what test conditions they used to calculated or measure this number?