WinCE7 + Silverlight on Sabre

Discussion created by WILBUR COLACO on Jun 12, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2012 by Andrew Hurley
Hi I wrote a test app for using Silverlight on WinCE7. The app implements an animation of moving a button using a storyboard whenever the button is clicked. However the app doesn't work like it should. On a button click the button is supposed to move over 8 secs in a manner given below  Sec 1 BUTTON 2 BUTTON 3 BUTTON 4 BUTTON 5 BUTTON 6 BUTTON 7 BUTTON 8 BUTTON  However immediately after the button is clicked the window goes blank. The button then appears after 8 secs The CPU usage jumps from 3% to 30% for those 8 secs (checked using Performance Monitor tool) Why is it that the smooth animation of the button moving is not displayed? Are there any settings that I need to enable?  Warm Regards Will