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FM Tuner Si4702 on IMX51

Discussion created by Oliver Novakovic on Jun 13, 2012
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we've soldered a Si4702 FM Tuner chip on an IMX51 EVK board and I am now trying to get it to work:


So far, I have enabled the following drivers:


- Character devices / SI4702 FM device driver

- Multimedia suppert / Radio Adapters / Silicon Labs Si470x FM Radio Receiver support with I2C

- I2C support / I2C Hardware Bus Support / IMX I2C interface

- I2C support / I2C Hardware Bus Support / MXC HIGH SPEED I2C support

- MXC support drivers / MXC PMIC support / MC13892 PMIC / Support PMIC I2C Interface


When booting I am getting the following output / error messages:

mxci2c_wait_writefifo:wait error
add si4702 i2c driver
si4702 3-0010: si4702 device probe process start.
mxci2c_wait_readfifo:wait error
si4702 3-0010: id wrong.


The ID is FFFFFFFF so the FM tuner chip is not detected at all.


I have a couple of questions:

Is the Board supporting the soldered FM tuner chip at all ? Assuming that the chip is soldered on correctly.

Which drivers do I need to enable to get the FM tuner chip to work?


Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you very much in advance.