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i am facing problem in hadling CAN RECEIVE ISR  in MC9S12XDP512 in code warrior

Discussion created by Sunil Kumar on Jun 4, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2007 by Alban Rampon
sub:i am facing problem while handling CAN receive interrupt in MC9S12XDP512 in code warrior and is this the correct way of ahndling interrupts i have attached files please go through
      The actual problem is with ur help i kept the VECTOR ADDRESS 0XFFB2 CANORECEIVEISR
in prm file under VECTOR 0 startup.and that CANRECEIVE ISR is function defined in can.c file. and i have written transmit function and recive function in main.c and i am able to transmit data correctly form one board to another transmission is success sending required data only but reception side its also showing success but the required data which i sent is not coming in to it and some junk(unwanted data is coming in to it).what might be the problem please analyse and say me i am failing in last step thats hurting me please help me in solving the problem i am attaching required .c files please go through and reply me the solution which will be great help to me. is any compiler setting is affecting it or what.this code ran successfully in cosmic compiler and i made cahges required for code warrior and working in it is it problem with compiler settings.please tell me or one more doubt is that that interrupt is not getting invoked or what.
and what is that Enable interrupts which will come by default with in the main routine and i am keeping transmit routine and receieve routine before that enable interrupts .even if i keep the code after eanble interrupts also result is same so please solve my problem.this is the exact problem i am facing.please go through the files is this the correct way of handling interrupts i have done other way also i declared the vector table and tried handling interrupt routine in that way also which u told earlier but same problem there also or any compiler setting is affecting the output please reply and save me.boards are perfect and new and working with cosmic compiler is the oscillator clock frequency of MC9S12XDP512 is 16MHz only?
thanks in advance  expecting favourable reply