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Problem in Setup ICG Module of MC13213

Discussion created by Sam Law on Jun 4, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2007 by Sam Law
Hi all,

I am using the BeeKit and MC13213 for development. Currently I encounter a problem that, the ICGS1 did not change after calling the SETUP_ICG_MODULE (i.e. ICGC2 = gHardwareParameters.NV_ICGC2; \ ICGC1 = gHardwareParameters.NV_ICGC1:smileywink:.

This problem only occured on my target board, but did not occur in the MC13213 SRB. I would like to know what settings or part of hardware should I check in order to fix this problem? As well where could I found the information about the use of ICG?

Thanks and regards,