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56F8323 Quadrature Decoder Setup

Discussion created by Dave Miller on Jun 1, 2007
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Hello All,
As you may have seen from some of my earlier posts I am working on a Motor Control project.  I am using the 56F8323 and I plan to use the Quadrature Decoder module.
In section 12.1 of the 56F8300 Peripheral User Manual Rev 9 it states that the maximum count resolution is 4x the input signal.  Does this mean it will work as a 4x Quad Decoder?  i.e. if I have a decode wheel with 360 marks then in 4x mode it would count to 1440.
How do I set the Quad Decoder module to the different resolutions (1x, 2x, 4x)?  I don't see any reference in chapter 12 or Chapter 16 Quad Timer.  I also don't see any settings in the Bean when using CodeWarrior.
Does anyone have any good tips on how to set this up?