zhang zhen

How can i use camera to recorder a avi file with preview it to LCD??

Discussion created by zhang zhen on Jun 7, 2012

The SR number is 1-884586991 . My project is based on imx535+wince7(2011_05_smd_bsp).
There are three main problems:
1、How to get Handle of the device "CAM1:" which loaded by IFileSourceFilter->Load(L"CAM1:",&Media_Type) ?
2、Where can i find the Interfaces of FSL base filter , CLSID_FSLVPUENC、 CLSID_FSLAVIMUX 、 CLSID_FSLFILEWRITER and so on ....
3、In FSL capture filter Graph, which filter can.i split two pins,One for preview,the other for capture.