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Discussion created by jeetesh jeetesh on Jun 4, 2012

We are using i.MX35 processor for our board


My query is related to SVGA support,  Currently lcd driver is configured for 800X480(WVGA) it works fine.

It is configured as below,In the file drivers/video/mxc/mxcfb_claa_wvga.c


static struct fb_videomode video_modes[] = {

         /* 800x480 @ 57 Hz , pixel clk @ 27MHz */

         "CLAA-WVGA", 57, 800, 480, 37037, 9, 16, 7, 9, 10, 10,






As i.MX35 supports SVGA support(as per the manual), we have modified the structure values X and Y resolution to support 800X600.(replacing 480 with 600 in the above structure).  After the one change in the structure, we found kernel is not booting, it hangs.

No output after the message Uncompressing kernel…………… booting the kernel.


As per my understanding, kernel does hard initialization in start up, so that time it hangs.


Can you help me in fixing this problem. Why  kernel hangs while booting.


Is there any other modification is required to support SVGA (800X600) in kernel.