Noel Vellemans

NAND flash connected to MX53_PAD_PATA_DATAx__EMI_NANDF_D_x

Discussion created by Noel Vellemans on Jun 4, 2012

Hi all,


I have a custom board where the nand-flash is connected to MX53_PAD_PATA_DATAx__EMI_NANDF_D_x.


When trying to indentify the NAND with NAND_READ_ID command (cmd=0x90).. I can see that the correct data is returned on the logic analyzer. { 0x2C 0X48 0x00 0x26 0xA9 0x00 }


BUT when reading the NFC_ram_buffer (= MAIN_AREA0 on addr 0xF7FF0000) I always get

0x2f 0x2f 0x2f 0x2f 0x2f 0x2f 0x00 0x00 0x00

Only the 5 first bytes are 'touched' all others are unmodified.


{ note the buffer at MAIN_AREA0 on addr 0xF7FF0000 was preset with all 0x00 before the NAND_READ_ID command was executed, which means that 'something' is being returned but it seems to be invalid}


Any hints where to look at?

I've been debugging for some days now... and I still do not have any clue where things go wrong.


NOTE: both Uboot and Linux-2.6.35.x  (kernel) have the same 'faulty' behavior.


Regards Noel.