Bill Whitford

LVDS and external clocks

Discussion created by Bill Whitford on May 30, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2012 by Alison Luan LOHR

We have developed a board based on the imx53 qsb, but now we are having a hard time to figure out the programming of clocks for a single LVDS display.  We were unable to use the internal clock, which appeared to be routed from PLL4.  We have set up the display as DI0 and 800x480. 

Our attempts to set the clock to be externally sourced have not worked. We used the settings in ldb.c as well as the devregs utility program to examine and adjust the registers involved (CSCMR2, DI0_GENERAL, IOMUXC_GPR2) but the oscilloscope still shows the same waveform.


Has anyone had any luck with the LVDS displays and external clocks? 

Suggestions on contacts within Freescale or design houses that could help?


Thanks in advance