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Compiling imx53qsb uboot and Linux source separately

Discussion created by jk t on May 31, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 4, 2012 by jk t

Dear All,

I just started to work in imx53QSB.

I would like to compile the u-boot, linux sources separately (ie. not using LTIB script) in a Fedora machine. (Currently I am not having ubuntu). 

After compilation I will test with that U-boot and Linux uImage in my board.


To compile the u-boot and Linux source, which cross compiler I need to use?

From LTIB script I came to know that, it uses the compiler - /usr/bin/gcc4.4.

Can I copy that compiler to my FEDORA machine and set the PATH to it, will it work? 

Is there anything to be noted for using FEDORA or any other flavor of Linux instead of UBUNTU?

how about the tool chain for this?


Kindly suggest.