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IMX53 QBS - Initial setup

Discussion created by jk t on May 31, 2012
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Dear All,

I just started to work on iMX53 QSB board.

I am using the virtual machine setup for Ubuntu in my windows PC, as mentioned in the README_Ubuntu_VM.pdf.

I have 2 queries on this.

1. With that setup, I prepared the micro SD card and tried to boot the board.

    The u-boot loaded properly and linux started to load, but while loading the file system it got stuck.

    i.e. I am not getting the User Name and Password prompt. The VGA display shows the TUX symbol.

    how to proceed on this? 

 (note: while updating the micro SD card with "dd" command, it took very long time)



2. I have gone through the LTIB script file and came to know the path of U-boot source. Linux source, rootfs. (rootfs - /home/lucid/ltib/rootfs)

As per my previous query, I got doubt in rootfs present in uSDcard (as the copy took very long time), now I formatted the uSD and copied the rootfs contents to it.

with this rootfs contents, in console output I can see the UserName and Password prompt. 


    a. The password: lucid (as mentioned in the doc) is not matching. (what is the password?)

    b. In the VGA display, only Tux symbol is there but no user name/pw prompt window.

how to overcome these issues?


any pointers and suggestions would be more helpful


thanks and regards,