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MCF52235 doesn't start

Discussion created by Alexandre Kremer on May 30, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2007 by Alexandre Kremer
 Hi all
 We developed a board wich uses the MCF52235CAL60 and we are using codewarrior 6.4
 I'm testing the board with the Coldfire_Lite.mcp and i have a BDM hardware from PEMicro.
 I succefully load the firmware into the chip and run it with BDM attached to it. Until this point, nothing goes wrong. But when i remove the power, detach the BDM and turn it on again, nothing happens. I mean, coldfire doesn't start to run.
 I followed the Axiom schematic (only schematic i could find) to develop this board. On the RSTI pin i designed a 4K7 ohms pull up resistor like the schematic shows.
 What can i possibly doing wrong? Any suggestions are much appreciated.
 Thank you