Stuart Boutell

i.mx53 dual video out, WEC7

Discussion created by Stuart Boutell on May 30, 2012

Any Adeneo  i.mx53 WEC7 SRC BSP users managed to get two video outputs working on START-R board?


Am trying to use  Seiko WGA (on DI0) and VGA (on DI1) together.


Have configured multiple monitor support in catalgue.


When device boots, Seiko shows white screen (touch calibration?) with no text (on other display?)

Alas, VGA stubbornly shows nothing.


Possible thoughts:

IS there some PMIC change required to enable power to the VGA out (I wouldn't have thought so, but there is a supicious line in vga.cpp for the DA9052 to enable the power, but no similar code for the MC34708.


I'm using 1.30 BETA from Adeneo (dated 10/04).