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S-records for bootloader generated with CW 4.5 for 9S12XD512 MCU

Question asked by Peter Richter on May 30, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 1, 2007 by Alban Rampon
Hello everybody,

may be somebody has some experience with s-records generated with code warrior.
I'm using CW Develop. Studio HC12 4.5 build 6037 and the µC 9S12XDP512.
I try to program a bootloader and I go by a mix of the application notes AN2183 and AN1718.
I'm almost ready but got now problems with flw.
When I try to download the s-record generated with CW to the µC via serial interface, I got a error message like "S-record code/data length is odd". This is according my code I programmed.
So I examined the s-record and found lines like flw. S213FDA240000005CBFDCBA1CB61C585C3A5C47EB4

Now my questions. Is there any possibility of settings in CW to avoid odd byte length or have I to use
the SRecCvt.exe tool to generate a linear s-record, that I read in another post.
I would appreciate any explanation hints for my question. Thanks in advance.

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