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sprintf Problem

Discussion created by Pablo Suarez on May 29, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 6, 2007 by Pablo Suarez
Hello to every body!
I'm new in the forum and I have a little problem with my C code for a MC908QB8 microcontroller.
I try to use "sprintf " like this:
#include <hidef.h> /* for EnableInterrupts macro */
#include <stdio.h>
#include "derivative.h" /* include peripheral declarations */

void main(void)

  char Str_Buffer [10] ;
  signed int Num = 1500;
  (void) sprintf (Str_Buffer, "%d", Num);

    __RESET_WATCHDOG(); /* feeds the dog */
  } /* loop forever */
  /* please make sure that you never leave this function */
But wen I try to simulate it the Real Time Debugger Stop with the following mensage:
Error: At location 0002 -
Error: Attempt to use unimplemented (--) memory.
Im not using floating point.
I don't understand way it dosen't work, so if any body can help me I will appreciate it.
Thank you very much!
Pablo Suarez