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System Management w.r.t WiFi in R10.3.2 i.MX53 Ginger Bread Release

Discussion created by Shreeranganath Bonthalabalavigna Employee on May 28, 2012
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Dear All,

  Was curious to know about following :


-          How “WLAN_HOST_WAKE” is been passed to WLAN driver to manage the WiFi Driver?

-          How “WiFi/BT_PWR_EN” is been mapped to Android menu for enabling WiFi or BT? From the code, it looks, the power supply for the WiFi/BT is always enabled. For better battery, what is the recommended way of design?

-          “WLAN_PD” is the reset signal if the module. Is there any necessary for this to be mapped to Atheros driver for hard reset operation?


  Please let us know.


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