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RGMII transmission failes on iMX6

Question asked by Martin1z on May 25, 2012
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2014 by Craig Rackstraw

Hi there,


I am currentry trying the to get ethernet working on a custom iMX6 board where an AR8035 phy is connected via RGMII. MDIO transfers are working properly and I am even able to receivieve ethernet packes (broad-, multicasts). But transmission packages are never sent - even on RGMII bus.

RXC shows a proper clock (which is driven by the phy of course) but unlike on the TXC signal there only is measureable a single low impuse.

IOs are configured correctly (IOMUX and possible daisy chains). Board is connected to a 100MBit network and link is getting detected correcty.


Any ideas what could cause this behaviour?

Is the ref clock (pad ENET_REF_CLK) still required in RGMII mode? This pin is not connected in the current design.

I am appreciating every clue or advice.