Stanislav Prikasky

S-Record data must be given in whole WORDS

Discussion created by Stanislav Prikasky on May 28, 2007
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2007 by Paul John Maquilan
I built a project for MC56f8323 with CodeWarrior for 56800/E v 8.0 and PE v. 2.98, when I tried to download generated S-Record file into dsp's flash memory with usb flash programmer, this error message popped our saying:
"CHawkV2::VirtualImage::LoadFile: S-Record data must be given in whole WORDS"
I am sure I selected the combined .elf.s file instead of .elf.p.s or .elf.x.s. Another fact may be interseting:
When I have tried download *.elf file, process was succesfull, but MCU is not running - is stoped. I have found same problem this forum, but without solution. When I use for download CW Debug function /F5/ and RUN function - everything is OK.