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i.MX28 EVK - need to drop / reconnect USB VBUS

Discussion created by Artem Kamshilin on May 24, 2012


There is a USB device that I need to operate from i.MX28 EVK board, and sometimes I need to disconnect it for it to operate properly on its own. Physically pulling the cord out is not what I can afford from usability standpoint. Putting the device to suspend mode does not do the trick - it's very specific and does require VBUS to be down for that particular feature to work right.

I didn't find any ways to turn off VBUS from the user space. Is there a patch to the BSP that can let me do this somehow? If not, can someone here help me implement this on my own? I'm reasonably familiar with low level stuff (worked with bare metal 8 bit MCUs for a while), just not too much at all with Linux kernel programming. If this involves more than just a couple hints, I'd be glad to budget some $$ to resolve this.

Thanks a bunch in advance. 


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