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Ethernet PHY configuration

Discussion created by Seetharam Nayak on May 18, 2012
Latest reply on May 23, 2012 by MARTIN WELFORD

Hello all,

I am working on i.MX53 WinCE 7.0. Now my PHY read and write is not happening properly. Could you please help me to add a new PHY configuration in the source code. I am confused where exactly I need to put the new PHY configuration and my MIIREAD() function is returning FALSE. It is not properly reading the PHY registers. I have following questions.

1) Where I need to update the new PHY configuration?

2) Why MIIREAD() function is not properly happening?

3) I have the PHY ID but if I read the PHY ID, it is displaying some junk values. What may be the issue?

4)Could you please send me the example settings file that I need to do in order add my PHY settings?



Please help in solving the issues.


Thank you,