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Passed Variables Getting scrambled Take Two

Discussion created by michael coury on May 25, 2007
Latest reply on May 31, 2007 by CrasyCat
I'm still looking for some ideas for this problem...

I enter a routine with passed variables....

int iTVI_LCDPing(char cBouy){    iTVI_AddQueue(TVI_CLEAR   , TVI_CLEAR_ALL, TVI_DELAY);  iTVI_AddQueue(TVI_FONT_SEL, TVI_FONT_MED , TVI_DELAY);    iTVI_AddQueue(TVI_COLUMN_START, 0x01         , TVI_DELAY);  iTVI_AddQueue(TVI_PAGE_START  , 0x01         , TVI_DELAY);  iTVI_TransmitStr("Watch the display and press '#' to ping the ");  switch(cMyStupidGlobal)  {    case SCI_A:      iTVI_TransmitStr("Pin");    break;    case SCI_B:      iTVI_TransmitStr("Boat");    break;  }  iTVI_TransmitStr(" Bouy");    return ERROR_NONE;}

after the 5 routines, CBouy is lost and gone forever and the switch command is performend on random data.... any ideas where to start looking?