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How can I prevent the compiler from adding PSHH/PULH in my ISR automatically?

Discussion created by Peipei Yang on May 24, 2007
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When I use Codewarrior to develop a C program with interrupt subroutines for HCS08 MCU, I found the compiler add a opcode PSHH at the beginning of the interrupt subroutine and a opcode PULH at the end automatically. I know the HCS08 MCU won't push the register H to stack when interrupt occurs, but what can I do if I don't want to save the register H in the interrupt subroutines?
Another question, I read the document for the compiler of CodeWarrior, but I didn't find any explanation of the feature of the compiler referred above. How can I use the document to find the needed information more quickly?
I'm just a beginner of the HCS08, any suggestion or explanation will be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot!

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