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Windows 7 and imx25pdk - usb issues

Discussion created by Don Don on May 10, 2012
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2013 by Phil Dermott

Has anyone been able to use the imx25pdk with windows 7 (64bit) ?  In particular, the ATK tool to program the pdk over usb ? (Serial works, but takes hours to get the filesystem on the pdk, where usb is just minutes) 


It (eg ATK)  works fine with XP (32 bit), but they gave me a new computer at work with Windows7 (64 bit) and I can't get the ATK to recognize the board now.  I followed the instructions in the release notes and user guide and installed the usb drivers, but its still not recognized.  Anyone else seen this,  and know how to work around it ?  Same issue with the Mfgtool program, but I'm not exactly surprised about that.  Last time I spoke with our Freescale rep, the imx25 wasn't supported by the Mfgtool, but was "planned".