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About the power supply of RTC in iMX283 chip

Discussion created by Cheng Shi on May 10, 2012
Latest reply on Jul 11, 2015 by ravi kumar

Hi, all


The board I'm developing is an one based on iMX283. The main power supply is +5V without Li-ion battery. But the RTC is required. Is it possible to connect a button-battery(normally 3V only) to support RTC inside of iMX28? What I can do is:

    (1) pin BATT -> 3V battery which is NOT chargeable;

    (2) pin DCDC_BATT -> NC

    (3) call PowerStopCharger( ) in xldr.c

    (4) BattDrv.all is NOT installed


I'm not sure if 3V is enough to support RTC working. Please let me know if anybody has some experiece about this issue. Thanks advance!




Cheng Shi