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IPU not working most of the time, but occasionally works

Discussion created by Steve Green on May 8, 2012
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Dear all,

I'm having difficulty getting a simple use of the IPU to work. If I understand it right, the IPU can allocate an input and output buffer (if none is specified by the user) and perform a simple colour space conversion on the input buffer contents.

Below is some very simple code that sets up the IPU to do CSC conversion on a fixed array of 0xFF values. (The 0xFF value is not relevant, the problem happens with any value.)

When I run this, most of the time the IPU does *not* perform the CSC. The output buffer before and after the IPU task contains values of zero. BUT - occasionally it *does* work and the output buffer contains repeated correct non-zero characters.

The IPU always returns a value of zero, meaning it always thinks it was successful.

Does anyone have ideas why this mostly fails but occasionally works?

Many thanks


** IPU test
#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdint.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include <mxc_ipu_hl_lib.h>

main(int argc, char **argv)
  int ret, test, i;
  unsigned char *ptr;
  ipu_lib_handle_t handle;
  ipu_lib_input_param_t input;
  ipu_lib_output_param_t output;
  unsigned int w = 720, h = 576;

  // run the IPU test 10 times
  for (test = 0; test < 10; test++)
    // setup the IPU input
    memset(&input, 0x00, sizeof(input));
    input.width = w;
    input.height = h;
    input.fmt = IPU_PIX_FMT_UYVY;
    input.motion_sel = HIGH_MOTION;
    input.input_crop_win.pos.x = 0;
    input.input_crop_win.pos.y = 0;
    input.input_crop_win.win_w = w;
    input.input_crop_win.win_h = h;
    input.user_def_paddr[0] = NULL;// NULL means that a buffer will be allocated

    // setup the IPU output
    memset(&output, 0x00, sizeof(output));
    output.width = w;
    output.height = h;
    output.fmt = IPU_PIX_FMT_RGB565;
    output.rot = IPU_ROTATE_NONE;
    output.show_to_fb = 0;
    output.fb_disp.pos.x = 0;
    output.fb_disp.pos.y = 0;
    output.fb_disp.fb_num = 0;
    output.output_win.pos.x = 0;
    output.output_win.pos.y = 0;
    output.output_win.win_w = w;
    output.output_win.win_h = h;
    output.user_def_paddr[0] = NULL;// NULL means that a buffer will be allocated

    memset(&handle, 0x00, sizeof(handle));

    // initialise the IPU
    ret = mxc_ipu_lib_task_init(&input, NULL, &output,

    // print the addresses and sizes of the buffers that the IPU allocated
    printf("mxc_ipu_lib_task_init ret:%d"
            " inbuf_start: 0x%X outbuf_start: 0x%X\n"
            " ifr_size: %d ofr_size: %d\n",
              (unsigned int)handle.inbuf_start[0], (unsigned int)handle.outbuf_start[0],
              handle.ifr_size, handle.ofr_size);

    // NOTE the printf above ALWAYS prints out (though addresses might change):
    // "mxc_ipu_lib_task_init ret:0 inbuf_start: 0x2B6A0000 outbuf_start: 0x2B76B000"
    // " ifr_size: 829440 ofr_size: 829440

    if (ret == 0) // zero means the init worked
      printf("DOING IPU TASK\n");

      // set the IPU input buffer to all 0xFF
      memset(handle.inbuf_start[0], 0xFF, handle.ifr_size);

      // before executing the task, print some of the outbuffer contents
      ptr = (unsigned char *)handle.outbuf_start[0];
      printf("outbuf before: ");
      for (i = 0; i < 10; i++, ptr++)
        printf("%02X ", *ptr);
      // the printf above ALWAYS prints out:
      // "outbuf before: 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00"

      // execute the task
      ret = mxc_ipu_lib_task_buf_update(&handle, NULL, 0, 0, NULL, NULL);

      printf("loop:%d, mxc_ipu_lib_task_buf_update returned:%d\n", loop, ret);

      // now print some outbuf contents after the task
      ptr = (unsigned char *)handle.outbuf_start[0];
      if (*ptr)// check for any non-zero value in output
         printf("************* IPU DID CONVERT *************\n");// very rarely prints this!
      printf("outbuf after: ");
      for (i = 0; i < 10; i++, ptr++)
         printf("%02X ", *ptr);

      // almost every time, the contents of the outbuf here is printed as zero, which is wrong.
      // sometimes, possibly once every 10 attempts, the outbuf contains
      // sequences of 0xDF, 0xFB - which is a correct conversion

      // NOTE: this never gets printed, so the task by implication is always OK
      printf("mxc_ipu_lib_task_init FAILED:%d\n", ret);

    // close the task