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Connecting iMX53 QSB to Windows PC for App Development/Download

Question asked by Rob Thompson on May 8, 2012
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2012 by mathias


I am a relative newcomer to the Android world and I am just getting started using the iMX53 Quick Start Board (QSB) with the associated 4.3" LCD Touchscreen.  I have successfully loaded the pre-built Android image downloaded from the Adeneo website and the Android support seems to run the preloaded apps (clock, browser, etc.) just fine.

I have also installed the Android Eclipse-based app developer support under Windows XP and can successfully build and emulate some simple applications.  I am having difficulty taking the next step, moving my simple applications to the QSB to experiment with and demonstrate to others.

I have what I am hoping are some trivial questions:

1) How do I set up and connect the QSB to be able to move my test apps to it?  So far I have been unable to find the Windows driver I need to support the "MX53 QS Android Phone" USB device that gets detected when the QSB is attached to my PC.

2) Once the QSB has an appropriate USB driver under Windows, what steps do I need to take so my Android test apps developed in Eclipse get sent to the QSB for Debugging rather than the PC's software-based emulator?