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I2C IBSR_IBB clearing early

Discussion created by Shawn Ricker on May 23, 2007
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2007 by Nina Friedman
CW Pro v4.6
9S12DT256, mask 0L01Y
What would cause the IBB bit in IBSR to clear in the middle of a byte being transmitted?
I am trying to write to and then read and expansion port chip. I had been writing successfully but when I started to do the reads I noticed that my I2C bean function CheckBus() which is a macro for IBSR_IBB is clearing in the middle of a byte being transmitted. Because the RecvBlock function takes a pointer to a buffer I was calling that function and then trying to wait for the indication that a specified number of bytes had been received.
I need to write to the expansion port chip one byte address with write bit set and the number of the register to read as the second byte. Then I need to send the one byte address with write bit cleared (which RecvBlock() does) prior to receiving the number of bytes specified as a parameter to RecvBlock().
Here is the code:
   byte error ;
   byte receivedData[4];
   word *bytesRead ;
   destination = port ;   
   error = I2C1_SelectSlave( (byte)(destination + ADDRESS_BASE) );
   IICCommand.asField.commandByte = INPUT_PORT_REGISTER ;
   error = I2C1_SendChar(IICCommand.asField.commandByte);
   // blocking while bus is busy
   while(IBSR & IBSR_IBB)  // or while(I2C1_CheckBus())
      PORTE |= 0x04 ;           // for debugging with scope
   PORTE &= ~0x04;     
   error = I2C1_RecvBlock(receivedData, 1, bytesRead);
   while(IBSR & IBSR_IBB)
         PORTE |= 0x04 ;
   PORTE &= ~0x04;
   *data = receivedData[0] ;   // *data is a parameter to this function
I have put a scope on SCL, SDA and on GPIO PE2 and watched this happen over and over. IBB should go high on a start condition and low on a stop condition and indicate a busy bus.