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i.MX6 resources

Discussion created by Dirk Behme on May 2, 2012
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The blog page i.MX6 boards collects known i.MX6 boards. Please have a look there if you are interested in a i.MX6 board. And please add there missing boards.


For Linux, there are several SW resources:

  • The Freescale git contains the U-Boot and the kernel from Freescale's i.MX6 BSP. While writing, the recent Freescale U-Boot release was 12.03.00 based on U-Boot v2009.08 and and the kernel 3.0.15.
  • Linaro has a wiki page for the i.MX6 SabreLite. This includes SW instructions.
  • For the Boundary Devices' Nitrogen6X board the U-Boot, Kernel and Android patches are available at  Boundary Devices' git server.
  • Mainline U-Boot (>= v2012.04.01) contains good support for the Freescale SabreLite and Armadillo2 boards. Support for the SabreSD is under development in the community.