Jason Drumheller

No network support after building u-boot for the iMX50EVK

Discussion created by Jason Drumheller on May 2, 2012

I'm currently working with the iMX50 EVK. I'm using ltib on the Ubuntu VM (provided by Freescale) to build Linux and u-boot, and I'm booting from an SD card. The problem I'm having appears to be isolated to u-boot. I do not get any network support when I boot with a u-boot binary created using the Ubuntu VM. I'm just booting into u-boot at this point. I do have full network support when I boot using the SD card provided by Freescale (it contains the u-boot binary loaded by Freescale with a kernel and rootfs I created). I've tried everything to get the u-boot binary I'm building to work. Has anyone experienced the same problem? If so, can you please help me out? Thank you!