Vic Bet

Can not Blank Check Flash

Discussion created by Vic Bet on May 23, 2007
Latest reply on Apr 9, 2015 by Tc Liew
I am stuck.  I can not flash load my board.  I can not Blank Check or Erase FLASH using CodeWarrior.  I am using CodeWarrior v6.3.  I am interfacing with a MCF5235.
When I Blank Check the Flash I get the following error message:
"Flash Programmer plugin failed to load the flash utility driver.  The magic number read from the target after the image was loaded is incorrect."
What does this message mean?  What is the magic number?
When I attempt Erase, I get the following message:
"Flash driver reports the following error(s): Timed Out. Chip reported Low VPP Error Status. Chip reported error during erase. Chip reported error during program. Device Protection Error."
What does this message mean?  Can anyone point me to a document referencing CodeWarrior Flash Programmer messages?
More background on these error messages will help me debug my board and lack of success flashing.