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Intermittent Boot problems on SD booting IMX53 QSB-R board

Discussion created by Jeff Ballif on Apr 30, 2012
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I have been working through an issue with the imx53 kernel boot sequence.  The following occurs.  I have an IMX53-QSB-R board (Several in fact) that when the power has been off for more than a few minutes the kernel will fail to mount the sdcard  file system.  The power on boot sequence is:  U-boot starts and loads the kernel successfully from the SD card.  The kernel begins to load drivers and then when it gets to mounting the android file systems the mounts fail with a mmc0: error -110 initialising mmc card. 


If I cycle the power one more time everything boots just fine.  I have some imx53 boards that boot fine every time and I have some that exhibit the this strange behavior.  I am using the latest adeno Android bsp. 


I dug down into the mmc driver and the timeout seems to be occuring when the cid command is being sent to the mmc interface at probing.


Does anyone have any ideas on this one. I have searched and searched and I have not found solutions.

Any help would be appreciated.