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Connecton Problem MC5485EVB

Discussion created by Bibhudendu Mohapatra on May 22, 2007
Latest reply on May 22, 2007 by Bibhudendu Mohapatra
I started working on this kit yesterday.
I wrote a sample program and when I clicked debug , its giving an error saying it can't connect to the board.
I have connected to the board using a serial connection. Hyper terminal works fine.
I cannot connect to the board using a parallel connection since my laptop doesn't have such a port.
So I basically use a serial to USB converter, and thats a COM 15 for me.
In CodeWarrior's console debug settings, I have made the appropriate changes but I am still not able to connect.
Is there a way I could FTP or TFTP to the board. Its bare. Doesn't still have an OS or anything.