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Mpc5200B network communication failure

Question asked by Joachim Schaefer on May 22, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2007 by Carl Hafner


we have some problems with the Mpc5200B network communication.

an aplication which periodically sends huge data over ftp (64 MB Files)

still hangs every 10 - 30 times and the CPU seems to be dead.

If i read in this case some registers using a Jtag Debugger , the CPU Core (603)registers are readable, but all registers adressed over MBAR are showing a 0x0.

The Mbar Register self is set by the bootloader to 0x0000f000 and

this value is still set. our suspicion is it could be a problem with the XLB Bus.


The same Application on a mpc5200 still works!

I think also a silicon Bug is possible!?


Did anyone have an idea or tips to localize or solve the problem?