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GPIO throughput

Discussion created by alimicro alimicro on Apr 28, 2012
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I'm just a beginner at i.MX53 and I need to gather some information about i.MX53. Im' going to select a good product of ARM cortex MCU and I think i.MX53 is the best one from view point of Freescale documentation , Good technical forum , very good Evaluation kits which is support from Freescale.

but now I don't have any evaluation kit and 2 questions are not clear for me:

I need to know how much is the maximum of GPIO throughput, I mean 3.3V GPIO


2. whether the LVDS channels can use as general purposes data transfer or they are just for LCD and graphic output?


If it's duplicated topic, sorry, just hint me where I can find the answers.


thanks in advance