Omar Pighi

JTAG failure on imx25

Discussion created by Omar Pighi on Apr 26, 2012

We develop a custom board based on imx25. 

Now we are debugging our application on that board. And after a while it seems that the JTAG interface fail. I mean the board is working (if i boot it stand alone the application run perfectly), but if i connect the jtag cable (we are using iar workbench with Jlink pod) and try to connect it give some kind of erros... looking at the log file ot nothing is answering on the jtag chain. But it worked for almost 2 week, and this is the second time we have such kind of problem. The pod is ok because it works with evaboard and also with a new custom board. The first time we had this problem after a day the board restart to work with jatg then after few hour stopped again.... strange isn'it. The voltages are ok ....