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Bluetooth sink profile for WL1271 on imx53qsb?

Discussion created by jose jose on Apr 24, 2012
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2012 by Sergii Makovetskyi

Hello guys,

We have a WL1271 Wifi/Bluetooth combo module from TI and connected to imx53qsb and a speaker.

The WL1271 module doesn't implement bluetooth sink profile only A2DP which I believe is one-way that is source (WL1271) to a bluetooth sink device like bluetooth headset/speaker. I know this bec. I've already ask from TI's forum.

This is the reply I received from TI"


"A2DP is one directional - from A2DP source to A2DP sink. To play music from mobile to the platform you would need A2DP sink feature support on platform. Are you using Android then Android does not support A2DP sink role. So you would need to implement A2DP sink - receive A2DP data from phone to platform, decode the data (SBC format), and play the decoded data (PCM) to local speaker."


What we wanted is to be able to play music from a cellphone to the imx53 by way of WL1271.

My question now is, anyone from you guys who have implemented this already on your project?

Could you be kind enough to share some inputs? If not the driver itself?

Or anyone who knows how to do this pls. help?

Thank you guys have a nice day.