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Discussion created by Jesus Conejo on May 21, 2007
Latest reply on May 29, 2007 by Wendi Whitcomb
Hello, I'm still trying with I2C routines that i have seen here in the forum and i'm still haven't got so much success. I'm NOT working with uTasker, perhaps with uTasker is easier but in a first time i want to get it by programming. I could write 1 or 2 bytes (but not more at the same time) on a i2c eeprom with DrSeuss routine (Thanks!):
. The more strange is that i have seen all data in the oscilloscope so it might be fine,...when i read the eeprom with a reader (hardware) i only see 1 or 2 bytes (from 4 or 5 that i'm trying to write)

I have also tried with the tecnova_i2c routine (interrupt driven) that comes with Niche Lite stack but the program hangs sending many bytes towards the serial port.

I have studied the datasheet of the MCF52233 but i see all the routines i have used are OK. What is wrong?

Why i'm not able to write more than 1 or 2 bytes in the first routine?, perhaps some other interrupt is avoiding for that?.

Thanks in advance.