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Command line linker problem with referrenced file in LCF

Discussion created by javier_ballesteros-rodriguez javier_ballesteros-rodriguez on May 21, 2007
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2007 by CrasyCat
I am having the problems in command line of CodeWarrior (with the MMI it works fine).
We have a LCF file containing a reference to an external file as follows:
.code :
      ALIGNALL( 32 );
      ___VECTOR_START = .;  
     vectors.s (.text)
      ___VECTOR_END = .;      
      ___DATA_ROM = .;
   } > code

For information, the referenced file “vectors.s” contains the definition of the vector table. I can send you a copy of this file if you need, but I think that you won’t need it.
Whenever we launch the linker (we are using CodeWarrior 6.3 for Coldfire), the linker says that it cannot find the file “vectors.s”:
mwldmcf -nodefaults -msgstyle gcc -g -proc MCF5282 –map “C:\PROGRA~1\Rational\TESTRE~1\targets\CWARRI~2\CW\PF08476.lcf"  "C:\integral\CFBOOTLOADER\TU\CF Bootloader\cwarrior_coldfire_t32_common_bootloader\vectors.o" <other .o files> -o ".\cwarrior_coldfire_t32_common_bootloader\Test_CRC.elf"  -L"C:\integral\CFBOOTLOADER\SOURCES\SERVICE\Metrowerks\E68K_SUPPORT\Libraries" -L"C:\integral\CFBOOTLOADER\SOURCES\SERVICE\Metrowerks\E68K_SUPPORT\Runtime" -L"C:\integral\CFBOOTLOADER\SOURCES\SERVICE\Metrowerks\E68K_SUPPORT\msl\MSL_C\MSL_E68k\Lib" -lfp_coldfire.o -lC_4i_CF_Runtime.a -lC_4i_CF_MSL.a
mwldmcf: Linker command file error at line 58
mwldmcf: File not found: vectors.s

I have tried the following workarounds without success:
-           Placing the full path within the LCF
-           Placing “vectors.s” at the same place as the LCF and within the current path.
-           Including the “vectors.s” file to the linker command line as if it were an output file.
Do you know how to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance,