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BDM debugger lost connection to M52223EVB MCU

Question asked by Tarmo Kuuse on May 21, 2007
Latest reply on Dec 29, 2008 by Tarmo Kuuse

I am using a M52223EVB board together with P&E Micro's USB ColdFire Multilink debugger. Last week I flashed the onboard ColdFire MCU with some new code (using CF Flasher 3.1) and after that it stopped responding. The debugger reports that it cannot force the MCU into background mode. I am assuming that this freeze is caused by my hardware initialization code.

How could I undo the damage? Can I somehow clear the Flash inside the MCU? Can I convince the debugger to communicate with the MCU?

Some details:

The MCU internal clock is running at 48 MHz (checked CLKOUT with oscilloscope), reset works (the RESET led blinks when debugger tries to connect) and the debugger works OK with a "good" M52223EVB board. Also tried a second Multilink debugger, no good. Power, USB and BDM connections are OK.

I have - unfortunately - replicated the exact same situation on a product board (containing the same ColdFire 52223 MCU). Hence the assumption that the problem is caused by software.

The code in question is attached.

The error message from CFFlasher is: "Could not force processor into background mode. Check your connections, power, and specified parallel port."

The error message from P&E PROGCFZ programmer is "Can't communicate with the target processor! Please check your connections between the cable and make sure the target has power"

All suggestions are kindly welcome.