Arnaud M.

i.MX28 net driver problems

Discussion created by Arnaud M. on Apr 23, 2012
Latest reply on May 21, 2013 by Eric Kang
Hi everybody,  I'm currently facing ethernet problems with my mx28evk board.  If I use SMSC phy driver, I have the well known problem of timeout when link goes down. I don't have it when I use the generic phy driver so now I always use the generic phy with fec or fec_switch driver. Problem temporary closed for me.  When I use L2 switch (fec_switch.c) : -> eth1 is not available (ifconfig does not know eth1 device) -> eth0 does not reply to ARP requests. When I activate MCF_ESW_DBCR_P0, I have a kernel crash : irq101 nobody cared  Can anyone confirm that eth0 AND eth1 should work with L2 switch ??   When I use fec driver + second FEC : -> eth1 is not available (ifconfig does not know eth1 device)  When I use only fec driver : -> eth0 and eth1 are available, but : - when only eth0 is plugged, it does not work (arp works, but not ping) - when only eth1 is plugged, it works well - when both eth0 and eth1 are plugged, all traffic goes through eth1 (arp cache from local pc gives the same MAC address for both IP related to eth0 and eth1)  Did anyone notice this behaviour ??   Thanks. Arnaud.