Stephan Haller

Cannot decode h.264 streams on i.MX51

Discussion created by Stephan Haller on Apr 21, 2012
Latest reply on Apr 21, 2012 by steve jhung
Hi,  I have a problem decoding h.264 streams on i.MX51. I get the stream demuxed by ffmpeg so that my class handles only the video data. It works good for mpeg2 and mpeg4 streams but not on h.264 streams. The problem is at the very beginning of decoding: vpu_DecGetInitialInfo(,.) returns failure. It also puts the reason code 1 in the structure DecInitialInfo.  ---- RetCode error; DecInitialInfo initialInfo={0};  vpu_DecSetEscSeqInit(m_decoder.handle, 1); error=vpu_DecGetInitialInfo(m_decoder.handle, &initialInfo); vpu_DecSetEscSeqInit(m_decoder.handle, 0); if(error!=RETCODE_SUCCESS) { printf("Failed to get initial info of vpu_DecGetInitialInfo - return code %d, reason code %d\n", error, initialInfo.errorcode); return ERROR; } ----  You will get "Failed to get initial info of vpu_DecGetInitialInfo - return code -1, error code 1". So what is reason code in this structure? Is there any table describing the reason codes?  I use VPU firmware version 1.4.14 and library version 5.3.2.  Thanks for any help Stephan Haller