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Enabling USB Downloader mode. Help Request

Discussion created by florentino florentino on Apr 16, 2012


Forgive me intrusion to this very specific area I am not a microcontroller programmer and hope not to boring you with my problem.

I have a ereader device with Freescale i.MX508 cpu. After unfortunate upgrading my device hangs at the end of the booting process. I can hard reset it so it reboots again, but it does not offers anymore access to internal storage for PC.

I don't want to hack it, but I need to access the internal memory so I can copy the right firware there to try upgrading again.

... after some googling I got the idea:

1) get into specific BOOT_MODE for USB downloader
(Source IMX50CEC.pdf, Page 16)
 1a) There seems to be no Magic Key like for other devices or I did not found it

 1b) But there are "Boot Mode Points" which maybe "shortened"

2) Installing the XP Drivers. Maybe I can use the i.MX53/51 driver.

3) Getting access to device through MfgTool and enabling "diags mode"  to get access to Internal Storage

4)Copying the firmware

So this was the idea. I don't know if it works. Would like to hear your opinions if there
are mistakes.

I have trouble to get into USB Downloader mode because I have no idea how I should proceed with the Boot Mode Points.

Maybe somebody can give me a hint?