Use NAND-Flash with Kernel 3.2 on mx28evk

Discussion created by StMa on Apr 12, 2012
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I'm currently trying to bring up a 3.2.10 Kernel on the i.MX 28 EVK. The default configuration is booting up fine and at a first glance it seems to work.

Now I try to get a NAND Flash (MT29F4G08 in particular) up and running but I don't really know where to start as none of the boards in Mainline Linux have it implemented.

After some research I found a Patchset that seems to add NAND support to the mx28evk and gave it a try. The patches [1] needed some love to apply cleanly on my kernel but I manged to get it in. The Kernel also boots up but the initialization of the gpmi driver gives me the following error message:


[    3.720000] uart-pl011 duart: no DMA platform data
[    3.730000] mxs-auart.0: ttyAPP0 at MMIO 0x8006a000 (irq = 112) is a mxs-auart.0
[    3.740000] mxs-auart mxs-auart.0: Found APPUART 3.1.0
[    3.740000] mxs-auart.3: ttyAPP3 at MMIO 0x80070000 (irq = 115) is a mxs-auart.3
[    3.750000] mxs-auart mxs-auart.3: Found APPUART 3.1.0
[    3.810000] brd: module loaded
[    3.820000] Can't acquire DMA channel 4
[    3.830000] gpmi-nand: probe of imx28-gpmi-nand failed with error -22
[    3.830000] GPMI NAND driver registered. (IMX)
[    3.840000] FEC Ethernet Driver
[    3.900000] fec_enet_mii_bus: probed



The kernel boots into the console but flash access doesn't work.


A quick try with 3.4-rc2 also failed, the kernel refused to boot up without any notice. I'll give 3.3 a chance when I have some more time to work on this but in the meantime I'm eager to hear which thoughts the community has on this.


The Problem is that I need a very recent kernel for my project so it would be fine to achieve that functionality with some version  >3.0.


Has anyone already managed to get the GPMI working in some post 3.0 versions or has any pointers into the right direction for me ?

I'd really appreciate any help :)