URGENT: Need help in i.MX257 SPI

Discussion created by ajithpv on Apr 13, 2012
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Hi all,
Our project requirement is that, two NCN6804 (dual smart card) controller should be controlled through the same SPI bus (SPI 1) at the same time. For this requirement, I configured the bus number 1 with two different chip selects (CS0 and CS1) in the board file of i.MX25. So far, I seen only one SPI instance will be created from the driver invocation but, in this case, the same driver should create two instances of SPI driver nodes. I tried to create one with reference to ‘spidev.c’ driver(a standard driver which present under /drivers/spi/). Everything I setup as ditto as spidev.c, but I found that the probe function is not calling hence no driver node is creating! I tried with many possibilities but got the same result.

The init function is calling and registering my driver at the same time(I can see that in /sys/bus/spi/drivers/MY_DRIVER_NAME). But there is no node of my driver.

So I hereby request you to provide the better solution (in terms of ideas, reference driver code or suggestions etc) to fulfill our requirement.
Any kind of help will be appreciated…

-Ajith P V