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Power up problem :LTC3589 PMIC - i.mx536

Discussion created by yekta ayduk on Apr 12, 2012
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I'm using LTC3589 for powering freescale imx536 processor.
My assumption was  that without accessing using I2C_SDA and I2C_SCLK ,
using the default values in the  LxDTVx and BxDTVx ,
and using R1 and R2 resistor values I can power up the system .

But during the measurements I have observed the following problem:

Altough Power_ON is continously high following signals
have only the the intended  values for 14 msecs within one second period.
LDO2_1V3 ,
LDO4_2V8 ,
SW1_1V1  ,
SW2_1V3  ,
SW3_2V5  ,

Following signals are continously high (at expected values)

My Board configuraion is as follows :
For power on sequencing ,I have connected the enables and regulator outputs as follows.

By forcing the POWER_ON pin to high  the WAKE signal will be high.

WAKE= ENable-2    => SW2_1V3  will be up

SW2_1V3 =Enable-3 => SW3_2V5  will be up

Sw3_2V5 =VDD_REG of imx53  imx53 internal regulators will be up VDD_ANA_PLL=1.8V
will be generated

VDD_ANA_PLL=En_LDO2=En_LDO34 =>SW1_1V1 , LDO3_2V8 ,LDO4_2V8,LDO2_1V3  will be up

VDD_ANA_PLL=Enable of TPS54218(for 1V8 DDR2 voltage generation)

DDR2_1V8=Enable-4 => SW4_3V3 will be up