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gstreamer error imx28

Discussion created by peter nielsen on Apr 11, 2012



I am using a TX28 som from karo (imx287 onboard).


I am using BSP from KARO - based on 3.2 kernel together with ltib (freescale codec enabled)


I have tried gplay on the imx28 eval board with succes - i.e. i can play an mp4 and show on the tft display - but on my custom made board with TX28 i have some trouble in playing video.


Things i know works:

1) frambuffer can show a pic. with fbv  = works

2) gst-launch videotestsrc ! fbdevsink  => works 

3) gst-launch audiotestsrc ¡ alsasink => works

4) gplay carl.mp4 => works on imx. eval board - but not on my custom made board.

I am pretty sure that it's not a hardware issue but a sw issue releated to ltib and my bsp 3.2 kernel


I have embedded a log file when i am running "gplay carl.mp4" (audio works - but nothing is show on the tft display (fb0) - everything seems to work and after 1.38 minutes gplayer stops as it should.

My frame buffer is not blanked - i can show a picture with fbv with succes.


I can neither figure out  the assert error:

(<unknown>:1158): GStreamer-CRITICAL **: gst_caps_ref: assertion `GST_CAPS_REFCOUNT_VALUE (caps) > 0' failed


I think i have read something about gst_v4lsink using fb2 ?


Can it be an overlay problem?


any suggestion is very much appreciated.